Sunday, March 30, 2008

Buddy, what a story! 1979 Cat Fancy

Do you hear something creaking? Here's a 27 year old cat named Buddy. Buddy lives with his owner Mrs. Pilgrim in Round Rock, TX. He was found on the streets of Houston in front of a photography studio. "His right rear leg had been broken and healed without anyone's assistance, consequently it is deformed" Says Mrs. Pilgrim. " He had been either beaten or hit by a moving vehicle, which accounts for his deformed head"

Buddy never experienced another health problem in his life and has been to the vet only for " various and sundry inoculations."

"Buddy is completely mobile and has all of his teeth, eats like a horse and is completely spoiled. His miserable youth has been rewarded with a lot of love and attention during the past 27 years. Except for the fact that his sight and hearing are failing somewhat, he seems good for another hundred years."

Mrs. Pilgrim continues: " we don't know to what Buddy attributes his longevity to, but we poor humans feel it is due to good nutrition, a nice clean home and much love and attention.