Saturday, May 10, 2008

My old kitty Emma

My cat is now 19 years old. She came down with kidney problems about 8 months ago or so. She also has a lump behind her right ear, which they felt they didn't need to operate on because of the kidney problems.

First she was put on fluids, K/D and some heart medicine. Did OK for a while. Many trips to the doc.

Then one day when I was looking around the house for her, I couldn't find her. When I did she was all sideways and tipping back. Her front legs were stiff. I thought it was the end. The vet felt she got too cold at night and had a stroke.

I got a heat pad an from there on I slept with her on the floor by her heat mat, which is up on some boxes. I had to bring any thing down that she would try to get up on, because she would fall right off. I also had to make sure that either My boyfriend or I was home to watch her. She needed to be guided for a few weeks.

She pulled out of that after a couple months and I was able to leave for short times. I'm really glad that I work from home now. She's given me 19 years of her time, put up with my crap and been through several moves. Basically saving my life at one point.

One day about 3 months ago the blood work came out so bad, that the vet said she had a week to live. She looked like she still had plenty of body weight. So I went into "she can eat whatever she wants" mode. Jim says the power of love has been keeping her alive. I'm glad I'm home with her!

She's been through a bunch of different kinds of food, just to keep her eating. She still purrs and wants to be held, so I figure she's not ready to go yet. I'm hoping she will pass peacefully so I don't have to call in the vet.

There for a while I could see that she really did well on sunny days. I would even take her out. But she is so "barn sour" that she wants right back in. Even now she is better during the day. The past week it seems like she wont make it through the night.

The bad kidneys make her poo dry so I give her a mix of Petromalt, Nutrcal and mineral oil.

The lump behind her ear got real big at one point then it popped, but it is still there. I don't mess with it. It's the least of her problems.

At this point she is thin, and only eats a chicken nugget and drinks Catsip mixed with KMR. Stuff a cat with kidney failure shouldn't eat, but it's all she will eat.

Time is close and it will be very difficult. I'll make a tribute video.

Thanks for reading this, Ro