Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rusty abandoned 13 year old

01/10/09 At 13 years of age Rusty is by far the most senior member of our current cat population. We cannot imagine why an owner or family member would sign over a cat that has been in the family for so long, but here he is. From every indication Rusty is in perfect health mentally and physically. Shelter life is no way for an old cat to spend his golden years, so why not drop by and offer Rusty a good home? He would be so happy and contented if he could settle into a quiet, soft, warm spot in your home.

Kathylee - Senior cats need love too!

Age: 12 years

Sex: Female

Kathylee is the sweetest, most wonderful girl...mature lady around. She enjoys being pet and brushed for hours and only asks for some TLC.

She has lost most of her teeth (this doesn't affect her appetite!) and needs a diet rich in Fatty Acids to hydrate her dry skin, but she is the happiest cat around.

She nuzzles her head into the palm of your hand and can even fall asleep that way! She is fine with other animals and would do well in virtually any household.

Won't you give Kathylee the love and attention she needs?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pluis our cat 12 years old, by Goikuchan

This is our white cat Pluis. he's about 12 years old now. Talking to him is useless cause he's deaf...^^" He's a very cuddly cat

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stellaluna playing with the Cat Catcher toy 12yo

12 year old Stellaluna playing with the "Cat Catcher" toy. She hasn't wanted to play in YEARS!

Luna, the 4th of my 4 cats, is rather elusive. She spends most of her time in my kitchen, bathroom and utility room. Nearly two years here in my house and she's FINALLY venturing into the rest of the house! I've had her since a friend found her as a stray kitten twelve years ago.

Funny how the least friendly cat is my home is the only one I've had since kittenhood!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Our favorite Sparta - we still love him.

"Mean kitty" was probably the first video I watched on Youtube, I then started an account there. Though this is an Old kitty blog, it's still for cats that are dear to our hearts. Sparta is a big part of the Youtube family and he has been seen in all of our homes. Sparta has come up with a sickness. We all need to keep positive thoughts, and prayers for him and for Cory, his woman and Loki. No matter what family is family and each piece is important. Keep a positive visualization of a healthy and happy Sparta in your minds. Thanks for reading and visiting.

Some of you may be wondering why I haven't released a Mean Kitty video in a while, but I wasn't ready to announce why publicly until I knew for sure what was happening to him. Sparta has been limping for a bit over a month and after many visits to the vet, they found out why. He tested positive for leukemia. We're not sure what is causing the limping, but we do know that joint issues can be caused by the virus. He doesn't seem to be showing pain and he is just as playful as he has always been, so we're not going to show any sadness. Love and comfort is the best remedy and we are working with the doctors to find long term solutions to keep him healthy. Loki on the other hand tested negative for the virus and has been given a preventive vaccine.

Sparta was born in 2007 and we celebrate his birthday on May 20th. He adopted us in July 2007.

Loki is about the same age and was adopted in July 2008.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Die alte Katze Mausi geniesst ihr Gnadenbrot

Katze Mausi (demnächst 18 Jahre alt), die letzte Überlebende aus der "Generation Litti", geniesst ihr Gnadenbrot auf dem Sessel. Leider hört sie nichts mehr und auch mit dem Sehen hapert es mittlerweile. Aber das Futter schmeckt noch und die Toilette wird auch noch gefunden.

Das Lied wird gesungen von Camillo Felgen und heisst "Ich hab' Ehrfurcht vor schneeweißen Haaren". Es hiesse wohl besser "schwarzweißen Haaren", aber das konnte der Camillo ja nicht wissen.

in English

Cat Mausi (shortly 18 years old), the last survivor from the “generation Litti”, enjoys its grace bread on the armchair. Unfortunately she hears nothing more and also with seeing hapert it meanwhile. But the fodder tastes still and the toilet is also still found.

The song sung of Camillo rims and is called “I hab' reverence before snow-white hair”. It would be called probably better “black-and-white hair”, but that could not know the Camillo

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Handsome Conner, Senior Cat for Adoption

Conner is an 10 year old, neutered male, black, domestic shorthair available for adoption. Please call The Town of Southampton Animal Shelter and Adoption Center, 631-728-PETS. All animals are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped before leaving for their forever home.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

20 year old Jake

Bush family’s 18-year-old cat dies

WASHINGTON - The first family leaving the White House this month will be without one of its longtime members: the Bush family's 18-year-old cat has died.

The first lady's office said Monday that India, a black American shorthair named for former Texas Rangers player Ruben Sierra, died Sunday at the White House.

Bush daughter Barbara, then 9, named the cat “India” after Sierra, a former major league player, whose nickname was "El Indio." President George W. Bush was a former co-owner of the Texas Rangers.

When Bush daughters Barbara and Jenna went to college, the cat stayed at the White House with the president and first lady. The family affectionately called the cat “Kitty.”

Thursday, January 1, 2009

MY FERAL CAT named KITTY by d-artist

HOW IT CAME ABOUT saving this kitty's life!

Our Feral cats name is "Kitty" she came into our lives on a drizzly cold day Sept. 2007...she visited our second floor deck to eat the seeds out of a bird dish. As I opened the door and she flew off the deck, I realized she was scared of humans. Everyday I left scrapes of food outside in the hopes she would come back...two days later she did and devoured every bit, again I left scrapes, she continuing to come back everyday, although sheepishly.

The first snow came, we made a place for her to go and husband took a large cardboard box cut out an opening lined it with straw and towels, placing food inside she started to sleep in there, even once finding her mother in there.

We had a record brutal 2007 winter, seeing this kitty everyday in that cold was heartbreaking. We built another fortress for her, all brick around the box to keep it warmer. I would heat up a beanbag in the micro, wrapping it with a towel placing it in the box to keep her warm, yes she used it.

After a month she started to sit in front of the window of our patio doors looking in, even stepping up on the sill to look in and meow... I should say "meew" such a little voice! Her little paws where so cold she alternated holding them up. Everyday we cleared a path on the deck and stairs so she could get to her box. I placed paper and towels in the area she sat so she would not be wet from the snow...she ate anything I left. At times it was below 20 degrees with the wind-chill if not lower, her shivering couldn't keep any weight on her, so much energy was used just shivering. She even had a cold and coughed, that's when I made sure the beanbag was always there for heating her up.

After Christmas she became friendlier and only ran to the top of the stairs when we opened the door, after awhile she came up to the door when opened and even climbing on my husbands lap while on the floor. One time she came in and the door closed behind her, I had told my hubby, don't let the door shut, she will panic! yep she did panic, and tore my plants down trying to get out...hubby had to clean it up!

She became more familiar with us and started to trust us, allowing us to pet her and pick her up (that is unusual for a feral cat) The first time I picked her up I held her in my arms talking low and assuring her. I made a short video of her on hubbies lap playing with his sweatshirt pull, see Video. Click here or on the title to see the rest of the lens