Monday, March 30, 2009

17 year old cat walks on leash by misszombiedinosaur

I like to walk the cats in the adoption center in the pet store. This is Duke...He's 17 years old, but hes absolutly awesome

Saturday, March 28, 2009

conversation with Lucy 20 years old By alanmccarron

My cat talks back. 20 years old and still going strong

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Old lable with kitten

I know it's not an old cat, but it's a very old lable with a cat on it.

2 old kitties taking care of each other from LOLcats

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Always get photos and video of your cats

Sasha - The black cat, by White4light

Just a video of my cat. =] She's getting old so I needed something to remember her with.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

In MEMORY of my "BABY" 3/14/09 by shebear777

My baby "BABY" just passed before Midnight on Saturday night. I have been checking on her every 1/2 hour. The last time was around 11:30 or so, I did some reiki telling her it was OK to pass. When I went back in she was gone, and now I am a wreck...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

This old cat by sac7000

Just an old cat, a throw-away who wandered into the yard one day sick and missing most of his fur from disease and poor diet.

Video recording device, Canon FS100, final editing Power Director7, music by the PowerDirector rock and roll orchestra.

MiMi Loves to play~~ Looks great at 14 by devilangel0115

Mimi is 14 years old already, but still so cute and loves to play

Monday, March 16, 2009

Miss Scooties 15 yrs by marcjwebberv

Whiskers - Kitten Rescue Sponsorship Cat 10 yrs

Whiskers is a Kitten Rescue cat that is available for sponsorship! She is 10 years old and has stomatitis, which is inflammation of the mouth. Whiskers requires frequent dental visits and medications to keep the inflammation down.

For more information on how to sponsor Whiskers, please visit

Cameo appearance by Moonbeam.

Dexter - Kitten Rescue Sponsorship Cat

Dexter is a Kitten Rescue cat that is available for sponsorship! He is about 9 years old. He was surrendered by his past owners after he became aggressive with their toddler. Dexter still exhibits his aggressive personality towards some people by swatting and batting at them, but he is nice and friendly with others. In addition to his unique personality, Dexter also has an enlarged aorta that requires him to consume medicine daily and undergo periodic examinations with the cat cardiologist.

For more information on how to sponsor Dexter, please visit

Old cat Boo. By Blkassassin94

Boo is the gray one who i sitting by the door i miss him he died last year today and i felt like making this video to remember him

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Charlie is available for adoption at Forget Me Not Animal Shelter http://www.forgetmenotshelt...

Friday, March 6, 2009

Instruction for Fluids for cats with kidney issues

If your cat is having kidney problems or other things where it may need fluids, be sure to go to this Youtube channel for great instructions.

subcutaneous treatment number 1 by fredsamuels

It says he's not that old, but it often is needed with old cats with kidney failure. Something I had to do for months with Emma

I am posting this video to give others the courage to give their cat a subcutaneous treatment. I was really dreading it, but as it turned out, it wasn't too bad. I made three errors: 1 - not knowing how to twist the old needle off. 2 - not turning the flow off before pulling the needle out. 3 - not using the same plastic cap for the old needle that it came with. Also: four helpful hints. 1 - every time you do a treatment, move the plastic "cut off" wheel to a different area of the plastic tube, so it won't damage the line or let it leak. 2 - When inserting the end of the line into the drip bag, make sure you push it all the way in to avoid leakage. 3 - Use a box cut short and the end cut mostly out, with a soft warm weaving or towel in it to be your secound "pair" of hands to help contain your kitty and keep him or her in place. 4 - Use a bowl of warm water to put the line in if needed, so the fliud isn't too cold going in. Good luck and when you get that feeling of apprehension, overcome it with a feeling of determination to get the job done.
I created this series of videos to help others administer to their loved ones.... their cats, in the hope that it will help them set up

the subcutaneous treatments and also to give them the courage to do

it. I am by no means a veternarian and don't claim to be... as you

can see. I just love my baby and will do everything in my power...

which isn't much, to extend his life. He isn't even 4 years old yet.

And this great spirit has been sentenced to death by inheriting

polycystic kidney diease. I don't do it for me, but for him.... he's

always trusted me with his life and we have a very special

relationship. So this is the first of seven videos to set up the

procedure, and then the first treatment done with no training, just

research on you tube, thanks to the videos, and they are:

Franz 17 yo by PhilPhilUSA

Monday, March 2, 2009

Spinnin' Cat by Landmusic

My 10yr old cat "Priscilla" or sometimes nicknamed "Stinky"-- playing with her lazer light toy.. She loves chasing it until she gets dizzy.. P.S. Why does she get called "Stinky" you ask? Well.. just clear the room when she gets in the cat box.. :-)