Thursday, April 30, 2009

Old Orange Cat with Cancer Can't Eat

Since the old tom cat went missing, there has been many more cats comming around. This guy is most recent. Behind his ear is a huge growth, probably cancer, as it seems to be common here on the strays and birds.(I need to move) His mouth is part missing or non functional. I got a good look at him today. He did manage to pick up some food, but it was frustrating for him. I've seen this a few times in old orange cats, but not so bad. We may try to trap him and see if we can get help?..............


Today I went out to put some food in the dish and he was there laying down in the corner. He stumbled off.

Later he came back and tried to eat food. It was so sad, he would put his head down sideways to try and scrape up some food into his half a mouth. He was all wet from his drool and the sore on his head looked even bigger. In frustration he laid back down. Then the flies wouldn’t leave him alone. I got some video, so I could show Jim and we could decide what to do.

When Jim got home he looked into the dog house and the cat was sitting in there crying to us for help. He was no longer scared of us and wanted relief. So sad… I called the nearest vet, got the carrier and I was able to pick him right up.

He smelled like dead flesh, rot on his legs and the huge sore on his head. His lips had been eaten away by the cancer or what ever it was. He looked very old too. Poly-dactyl with 2 extra claws on the front feet like out Pearl, maybe a relative.

The vet was waiting for us and took him away. They were thankful that we cared enough to bring in a stray that was suffering, and they didn’t charge us anything.

Jim takes these things so hard. He said how much he really feels people should keep their cats indoors after he has seen what happens to the outdoor cats.

Imagine if he had the spoiled plush life of living indoors with out any coyotes, eagles, other cats, cars and exc.. This cat would have been a big healthy orange guy sitting on your lap and sleeping around the house, happy and purring.

1950's photo Dog and Cat Together Great Dane

A photo found at an estate sale of a great dane and cat hanging out. Common nowdays, but this was less heard of back then.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ziggy 17 yrs by PresidentSuperman193

This is Ziggy. He's 17 years old, and he's one mean cat. He belongs to my Grandmother. I like seeing him when I'm up, but he doesn't like seeing anybody. But he's been getting sentimental in his old age, and he occasionaly allows you to stroke him. He let me feed him last week. This is a fairly old video, from August last year actually. This was a rare moment.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jingles 12 by peninsulaspca

Hello, I am Jingles. I am a 12 year old altered female Domestic Short Hair. I am a really sweet cat who needs some TLC and I hope to soon be in a new home. I am so sweet and have a friendly and sunny disposition. I am gentle and polite and I love to be held. I am affectionate and calm and would be a great addition to your family. Please give a calm, older girl a chance and ask for ID A443594.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hilarious 22 year old cat vs egg custard! by boo4bettz4eva

our gorgeous 22 year old cat loves food!!! especially egg custard!!! n will stop at nothing 2 get it!!
look at the face!! wot a cutie!! lool

Friday, April 17, 2009

Jasmine by CAREevanston

Domestic Shorthair, 8 years old, White, Spayed female.

Meow, Meow, Meow! Translation...Will you be mine? Be kind to me and I'll let you dress me up in silly outfits for holiday pictures. Well...for quick snapshot or two anyways. I've grown tired of shelter life and would like a place of my own where I can look out the window and talk to the birds and squirrels I see outside. I'm a talkative feline ready to share many purrls of wisdom with you. Ready to listen?

ASPCA Feline-ality™ Assessment rating: Orange / Sidekick.

Adoption Information:

Must be the only pet in your home.

No children under 12.

Jasmine is microchipped, spayed, and has had a full veterinary checkup and vaccines.

Please come to the shelter to meet Jasmine and speak to an adoption counselor for more information about her. Thank you.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My 9 year old cat taking care of her babys By jandri2

Wow! That seems too old for kittens. She needs to be retired.
The kittens look great though.

When I was young our first cat had a couple litters per year. That was back when spaying wasn't well known. As she got older it was harder on her. At one point she had a pair of kittens that were attached at the tail, and the tails were all crooked.
When it was time for the next litter to come she went up on my mom and screamed!
She needed help, so mom helped pull out the babies. After that mom got her spayed, and she lived to be 18 years old.

At some point a cat needs to retire!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

People Not Being Responsible and Throwing Away Great Love

Recently, I went down to our local animal shelter to look for the neighbor hood tom cat I hadn't seen in a couple weeks, and to play with the cats. I was surprised to see a lot of senior cats. One was an old Calico, she was quite friendly and you could see that she was around 12 or so. A very cute cat.

I had to ask them why she was there?

They informed me that the lady brought her there because her boyfriend did no like the cat.

How crazy is that?!

Here's a cat that has been a devoted, loving friend to this lady for her whole life, not knowing anything else, just to be dumped for some human, that could easily be gone the fallowing day.

When you get a pet, kid or anything of that sort, it's your responsibility till that living being dies or you die, which ever comes first. It seems common sense values are disappearing.

Lets say you have a kid, and you get a new boyfriend or girlfriend, and that person doesn't like your kid. Are you going to get rid of the kid?
Hopefully not! Other people that are not your family or weren't there first, have no obligation to stay with you if you get rid of the kid or cat. Deep in their mind they see how easily you can let go of something, so they probably don't see why it would hurt you if they left with out any real reason. I certainly wouldn't want anything to do with such a cold human.

A pet is an energy, entity being with feelings. What you do to it holds just as much karma as things you would do to a human. God looks at you the same way. We are put here to care for the animals and the earth. People, please be responsible and care.
Thank you!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

One Happy Cat 12 yrs By camcrazed I love it when cats knead

Oska is a Blue British Shorthair Pedigree, he is 12 years old.

He has always been a big cat, and has always been on a diet. He used to weigh in at 12.4 kg but we have at last, after years of trying. found a food for him that has helped him trim down, he now weighs 8kg! We continue the diet, fingers crossed