Thursday, April 9, 2009

People Not Being Responsible and Throwing Away Great Love

Recently, I went down to our local animal shelter to look for the neighbor hood tom cat I hadn't seen in a couple weeks, and to play with the cats. I was surprised to see a lot of senior cats. One was an old Calico, she was quite friendly and you could see that she was around 12 or so. A very cute cat.

I had to ask them why she was there?

They informed me that the lady brought her there because her boyfriend did no like the cat.

How crazy is that?!

Here's a cat that has been a devoted, loving friend to this lady for her whole life, not knowing anything else, just to be dumped for some human, that could easily be gone the fallowing day.

When you get a pet, kid or anything of that sort, it's your responsibility till that living being dies or you die, which ever comes first. It seems common sense values are disappearing.

Lets say you have a kid, and you get a new boyfriend or girlfriend, and that person doesn't like your kid. Are you going to get rid of the kid?
Hopefully not! Other people that are not your family or weren't there first, have no obligation to stay with you if you get rid of the kid or cat. Deep in their mind they see how easily you can let go of something, so they probably don't see why it would hurt you if they left with out any real reason. I certainly wouldn't want anything to do with such a cold human.

A pet is an energy, entity being with feelings. What you do to it holds just as much karma as things you would do to a human. God looks at you the same way. We are put here to care for the animals and the earth. People, please be responsible and care.
Thank you!

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