Sunday, May 24, 2009

A very cool old calico cat

I met this cat down at the shelter. She is so cool. Given to a shelter at an old age. What a mean thing to do to your old companion.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Pretty kitty Gwen the Cat By peninsulaspca

Hello my name is Gwen and I am beautiful 7-year-old altered female with Dilute Tortoiseshell coloring. I am curious and will come up to the front of my kennel to greet you if you visit. I really like being petted. Wont you visit and get to know me more? Ask for Gwen, ID A447193.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Old Man Chessie Cat

A photo of a very old calendar I have for the C&O railroad. A kitten sleeping is used as a part of their logo. This cat was either the father of the kitten or the kitten after it grew up. The calendar of this "old man Chessie" is more rare than the other paintings of the kitten.
I love that a railroad uses a cat for the logo.

Here's a site on Chessie art

Petunia Cat passed quietly + some poems

Pearl’s mom Petunia passed away this moring. May 11 09. I burried her out next to Batley and Emma. Just a rough year for us, and our pet family.

Friday Petunia quit eating and started to have trouble breathing. Cancer was spreading double time all the sudden. Each day it had grown to take some of her face, probably blocking her air way. If we kept her alive much longer she would have ended up like the orange cat. We took her in to the doc. He gave her a tranquilizer and said it will make it easier for the final stuff, and then he left for a little while. The tranq was all she needed, and she slowing went to sleep with us there. So hard on both of us. The song by Pussycat dolls “hate this part” keeps going thru my head.

This one hurt more, because she was still young. I now understand more about how bad cancer is. It takes a life too soon, while the life still wants to live.

As I cleaned out Petunia’s room, Pearl came in looking all over for her mother. She looked at me and let out a tiny “meep”…

When cats die, they pass through the Purrrrly Gates. Catwoman

I think I know why cats horde yarn balls. It’s so that when they die, they’ll be able to climb back to earth if Heaven’s too dull. D. J. Schow

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

FRANCES 8 yrs by wdokcleveland

Adopt Onyx!

Onyx- Animal Id.#A143760

Meet Onyx at Santa Cruz County Animal Services, 2200 7th Avenue, Santa Cruz, Ca.!

Sixteen year old Onyx recently came to the shelter after his owner died. Although he must be scared and confused by the recent changes in his life, Onyx rewards shelter volunteers with purrs and "muffin making" when held. Onyx is a sweet and loving cat that would be a wonderful addition to most any home looking for a devoted feline friend. Are you the special person that can give this wonderful senior a loving home?

For more information about Onyx, please call 831-454-7303 or visit

Friday, May 1, 2009

Petunia, Stray Cat with Cancer

It's easier to do a video of a pet before they die.

Petunia came with the house. There's space enough under the house for small animals. She had 2 sets of kittens before we could trap her and get her spayed. We kept one kitten, Pearl.

We slowly made friends with Petunia. There was also a big Tom cat we named Captain Balls. We could pet him. When you have strays spayed and neutered they tend to stick around and keep away other stray cats. So there weren't any kittens her for a few years.

This past winter the Seattle area was hit with a 2 or 3 week long super freeze.

Petunia's eye had become worse. She had a small spec or injury to her eye when we first saw her, and it got steadily worse. We were able to catch her and get her to the vet for meds in November. She was so good.

Then in the news was the threat of the big storm. She wouldn't come inside and I was worried. Then on the day before it was to freeze that night, I looked at Petunia and her eye was bleeding. I freaked, called the vet and told them I will bring her in as soon as I catch her. To my surprise I picked her right up, she was so weak.

She stayed at the vet through that weekend till they worked on her the fallowing Monday. Then when they took her eye out, there was a tumor behind it. They sent in a biopsy and it came back as aggressive cancer.

We got her home just before Christmas. She owns the Ebay room now, gets all the food and bleeding she wants and has bird TV out her window.

Sadly her cancer is growing, it can be felt under her chin, behind her ear and it's bulging out now where her eye used to be:(