Friday, January 16, 2009

Our favorite Sparta - we still love him.

"Mean kitty" was probably the first video I watched on Youtube, I then started an account there. Though this is an Old kitty blog, it's still for cats that are dear to our hearts. Sparta is a big part of the Youtube family and he has been seen in all of our homes. Sparta has come up with a sickness. We all need to keep positive thoughts, and prayers for him and for Cory, his woman and Loki. No matter what family is family and each piece is important. Keep a positive visualization of a healthy and happy Sparta in your minds. Thanks for reading and visiting.

Some of you may be wondering why I haven't released a Mean Kitty video in a while, but I wasn't ready to announce why publicly until I knew for sure what was happening to him. Sparta has been limping for a bit over a month and after many visits to the vet, they found out why. He tested positive for leukemia. We're not sure what is causing the limping, but we do know that joint issues can be caused by the virus. He doesn't seem to be showing pain and he is just as playful as he has always been, so we're not going to show any sadness. Love and comfort is the best remedy and we are working with the doctors to find long term solutions to keep him healthy. Loki on the other hand tested negative for the virus and has been given a preventive vaccine.

Sparta was born in 2007 and we celebrate his birthday on May 20th. He adopted us in July 2007.

Loki is about the same age and was adopted in July 2008.