Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Peom about an old friend By Alyssa

A best friend is a person who cares,
Someone who you know will always be there.
A person that makes you laugh so hard that you cry,
But comforts you when you want to die.
A person you can talk to about nothing,
And they always know when you are worried about something.
That person that you can tell everything,
And they never push you out of the ring.
Sometimes they leave you out,
Sometimes they scream & shout.
But they always bring you back in,
And apologize with a grin.
They always help you when you fall,
A best friend is the best gift of all.
I have been blessed with a best friend,
And i hope it will never come to an end.

This beautiful poem was written by my lovely friend Alyssa.