Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Charity behavior.. They should be more grateful!

This blog is about shelters as well, so I want to say something about how some charities or shelters treat people.

Sure the people at animal charities, don't necessarily like people, but people are their contributors. Every little bit counts. Things add up including how many people the charity has been rude to.

About 2 years ago I noticed a change bottle in a pet store for a wild bird rescue and some brochures. So I grabbed a brochure just in case and threw in a buck.

Well one day on the way home there was a male peacock trying to get it on with traffic. When I got home I gave the the bird people a call. A lady answered and rudely screamed at me saying that it's not a wild bird and not to bother them.

About 6 months later the charity went out of business.

Now here's the one that really has me wondering.

About 3 months ago a local no-kill cat shelter had put out an ad for needing workers.

We had taken many stray cats there for fixing. I had also volunteered for them at their yearly auction. The past 2 years they went through some management changes and the last auction seemed to be quite a mess. They never even sent me a thank you email.

Anyways, I figured I could use a part time job helping, so I applied. About a week later I get a call to go in and work with them for a few hours as an interview.

It was the most nasty thing I ever did, ever. But I would do it as work if they would take me. As I was leaving one of the gals said she would let me know in a week.

Now I understand that usually employers doing interviews don't necessarily have to get back to you, but still as a charity they should show the courtesy.

After a couple weeks I sent and email with no response.

They had the listing on Craig's list for quite some time. One of our friends said it may even be a scam to get people in to help for free, especially since there are so many people with out jobs.

The shelter is pretty popular, so I would think that quite a few of their regular donors also went in to "interview" for them.

Maybe they just didn't like me, whatever! But if they aren't calling or communicating with other people that went in, I can't imagine those people being to happy either. Plus bad word spreads.

If they are judging people assuming they don't have much money so why should they care, well every little bit adds up.

I may not have lots of money right at this moment, but I had them in my Will to get my cat figure collection if something were to happen to me. My collection loaded with Goebels, Royal Copenhagen, and more. Probably about $3000, and growing.

I just changed that over to another local shelter.

I'm just saying if you are a charity that depends on donations, you better be grateful to your donors.