Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Twitter Anipals help those grieving

I have been a part of the Anipals of twitter around a year now.
They are wonderful and caring, keeping twitter real and personal as it was meant to be.

One of the hard things about the anipals is the passing of the seniors.
We get to know them and thier families and see the pain.
Somedays its near unbarable as it comes in waves.

But you got to see the positive side aswel.
The anipals are super supportive and assist the humans with the grieving.

@pepismartdog who has passed but still visits from what they call Over the Rainbow Bridge.
He he takes the passed family member in a cart to a better place where the party continues on. Like ghosts the passed anipals still can tweet like things are normal. This is a huge help for grieving humans.

With that comes lots of condolences and concerns with what is called #pawcircle by @danapixie. She workes incredibly hard making sure everyone sick, hurt lost or passed, is included in prayer concerns.

Many times the #pawcircle creates a positive vibe and Anipals get better.

I am blown away by the great community of the Anipals of twitter.

Here is a recent blog entry by @Yoda_the_dog about his sisiter that was 18.

There are several that are close to ORB this week, its tough for sure. Nascar is 20, but they keep spirits up by knowing that he will soon be with his wife DC kitty. We need them and so they will keep tweeting and joining in with the parties that help raise money for animal charities.

On a more positive note, there are virtual weddings with celebration photo-shopped pics of anipals in love, and so on. Here is a great link to events.

Please join the Anipal family :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

FlippyCat of YouTube has passed. Will be missed

On July 6th Flippy was put to sleep :(

His health problems got the better of him.

For the last few months we had been treating him for renal failure, which he handled well....However in his last day, Flippy was suffering from heart issues and could not move around much without tiring. We had blood work and an x-ray performed, which also showed a large mass in his tummy. It was time to let him go...

Thanks for all of your supportive comments. Members of Flippy's family have been trying to read them (there are so many!). He will be missed when not starring in future videos here.