Monday, October 25, 2010

Jack - Senior cat with Cancer #PorchWithJack

This morning on Twitter a support hashtag is going #PorchWithJack for a dear blog friend of @UsThreecoons.

Lisa has 2 senior littermates, and one named Jack has cancer. More tests are pending on how bad or not so bad it may be.

Pic from Lisa's blog.

The poor guy has a pile of health issues and Lisa is working so hard to keep him comfortable. Lisa and the cat Jam, More on Jack.

Even though Lisa is not on Twitter she can still go to twitter search a with the hashtag, #porchwithjack to see the caring support.

Petie the Cat Twitter family gives support.

Petie is a 15 year old orange gentlmen cat.

Recently he has had some health issues and was at the vet for a while.
In support many of the twitter Anipals got together and used the hastag #lakewithpetie to help keep track of the converstations. This is a wonderful supportive way to give out positive energy that seems to help quite a bit.

Many virtual adventures went on as everyone waited at Petie's get away lake house, for Petie to come home. Water skiing, hiking, campfires, good food and much more. Meanwhile Petie's parents can look on twitter and see the warm support from lots of friends.

@freshotis @danapixie and some others made photos of what is happening, all those participating and lots of food.

One of the anipals, @pumpkinpuddy is collecting stories fro #lakewithpetie for a book.

Plus to keep things going positive Anipals pair up and have virtual weddings. @pandafur , Petie's girlfriend left a marriage proposal in the personals of the Anipal Times

Soon there was wedding shower outings and pawties to be planned along with a wedding day set. Those like @danapixie that does so much for us, is making great photos for the event. Plus there are planners that cordinate dj's and bartenders.

Another Anipal that is there for us is Gunner a Senior gold lab.

He recently got very ill and was at the vet. Soon Anipals gathered on his porch to wait for news. #gunnerporch was used to help support our friend.

@JinJinDoggy kept track of everyone and made a pic of everyone that was there to support.

It turns out that he has Heart worms, which they said can be cured now days along with medication for life. Which is certainly lots better than is used to be.

Friday, October 8, 2010

14 yr old Wonder cat need home - 3 legs

Our dear friend @Brewskibutt added a blog post and says, "When a cat gets rescued, yer hope is that it is the last time they need it.

Unfortunately, that is not the case fur Percy.

Percy is a cat that my human rescued 14 years ago and placed with some friends. Because of some changes in his humans’ lives, he is in need of finding a new home again.

We call him Percy the Wonder Cat because he has managed to get around very well fur 14 years despite his front leg that didn’t form quite right. He hops and bounds instead of walkin’."

The rest is HERE

Which also leads to more info and great photos on @Bztat's blog HERE

Please pass the word..

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cool siamese Manx-mix AHNM Senior Pet Cat By AnimalHumaneNM

Oldest cat ever! By Jebudge

This is my neighbor's 19 year old cat.

30 Year Old Cat By Poxiemateo

Our 30 Year Old Cat Ashley. 34 years old is the record for oldest cat ever.

**UPDATE** - R.I.P. 1979 - 2009.

Lady - World oldest cat By SuperZadie

Lady is about 120; in human years! We don't know how old she is, because she was taken in as a (charmingly persistent) stray. She has been a part of our family for close to 15 years. Her longevity is probably due to being pampered, and kept by members of the our family - all her life. I'm the third family member to adopt her, over the past 15 years. She has rarely ever been outside in the wilds, or around other cats. She is strictly an indoor (window sill) cat, but has spent some years allowed as far as a patio / balcony. I just adopted her, my first ever very own pet. She is a family cat, so she knows me really well. Unfortunately, she came to me on the last hour ... of her 9th life. She needs a lot of special senior cat care, and TLC. There is so much to know about Cat care, it boggles the mind. Like: Cats will die if they eat / ingest chocolate! I never knew that. No problem here, as I'm allergic to chocolate. I'm also allergic to cats! In this video; Lady has just been brushed on the balcony, hair and dander is floating around outside. I'm allergic, and this (also air purification/filter systems) is the only way I can manage to keep her. So, I brush and groom her several times a day (she loves it) outside. Naturally after all that brushing, fluffing and cuddling she knows she will get fed a treat. I however need her to wait a few minutes, to let the dander and hair dissipate - before letting her back into the house. Funny, when she is inside she wants nothing but to go out, and when she is out ... She was quite the patient Lady, and did enjoy her treats. She is a very sweet, beautiful and loving Kitty. I hope she hangs out with me for a long time.