Monday, October 25, 2010

Petie the Cat Twitter family gives support.

Petie is a 15 year old orange gentlmen cat.

Recently he has had some health issues and was at the vet for a while.
In support many of the twitter Anipals got together and used the hastag #lakewithpetie to help keep track of the converstations. This is a wonderful supportive way to give out positive energy that seems to help quite a bit.

Many virtual adventures went on as everyone waited at Petie's get away lake house, for Petie to come home. Water skiing, hiking, campfires, good food and much more. Meanwhile Petie's parents can look on twitter and see the warm support from lots of friends.

@freshotis @danapixie and some others made photos of what is happening, all those participating and lots of food.

One of the anipals, @pumpkinpuddy is collecting stories fro #lakewithpetie for a book.

Plus to keep things going positive Anipals pair up and have virtual weddings. @pandafur , Petie's girlfriend left a marriage proposal in the personals of the Anipal Times

Soon there was wedding shower outings and pawties to be planned along with a wedding day set. Those like @danapixie that does so much for us, is making great photos for the event. Plus there are planners that cordinate dj's and bartenders.

Another Anipal that is there for us is Gunner a Senior gold lab.

He recently got very ill and was at the vet. Soon Anipals gathered on his porch to wait for news. #gunnerporch was used to help support our friend.

@JinJinDoggy kept track of everyone and made a pic of everyone that was there to support.

It turns out that he has Heart worms, which they said can be cured now days along with medication for life. Which is certainly lots better than is used to be.


Mariodacat said...

Great post dear friend. It's nice to see of our special friend honored, and we are so very happy they are doing better.

Pumpkinpuddy said...

Wonderful article. I'm glad you wrote about Petie and Gunner and how all the pals help each other and send each other love. And thank you for mentioning the book.

Honeybell said...

The #PawPower and #PurrPower is indeed a wonder working miracle! What a nice article about dear Petie and Gunner!