Friday, April 23, 2010

Make a Lens about your Senior cat..Mookie the Cat

What a great way to show off your old cat and show your appreciation for thier years of love! By making a lens about him or her!

Squidoo is a site that lets you make what they call a "Lens" about what every you like, for free.

They give you tools called modules which do different things like hold a video, several videos, show pic from flicker, guestbook, amazon links and more.

Squidoo pays you for traffic and gives to charity also. Amazon and Ebay modules pay you commission. It might not be a lot, but making lens is a ton of fun.

Here's a great Lens on Mookie the Cat

You can share your favorite pics and tips on what to expect as a cat ages, art, poems and what every you like.

Here's our lens on Senior cats.

To get started click on this orange banner to reserve a lens in your cat's name.

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