Monday, January 31, 2011

Cokie the cat 17 yrs

A great friend on Twitter @Cokiethecat, will soon be 17 years old next month and still looks fantastic.

He upkeeps the coolest blog I ever seen and is Chief Editor for the Anipal times.

Here he is caring for his sister that has passed, Wynnie.

Last month when there was a scare at the vet, Jazzy cat threw and emergency wedding. So now Cokie has a wonderful wife.


Mariodacat said...

That is an adorable video of Cokie with his sisfur. We love Cokie and hope he'll be around for several more years. he he - besides someone has to keep that Jazzy in line. (oh dear, I'll be on her norty list now.)

Cokie the Cat said...

Hey! I'm in Catterrific Old Cats!! NOW I feel like I've made it!

Thanks SP. ;)

Cokie the Cat

Debra Taylor said...

Cokie is so sweet and young looking for 17 years! And thanks for sharing the video.

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Hey, wonderful pets, stay well!