Friday, March 25, 2011

Beautiful Auntie Chi Chi

Nj's Mom, Grandmother of my dearest @Morriscat in Scotland adopted this lovely persain cross in January of 2010. She was recused from the free ads and they figured her to be around 11 or 12.

What a really cool kitty. This smart Chi learned to open her wardrobe door just far enough to squeeze in & sleep on the shelf, she was the queen of her home and very much loved by her whole family. Last Friday NJ took this pic of Chi Chi laying next to her in a chair. 6 days later she passed from kidney failure. She had quit eating and this was very sudden. She had a great last year of her life in a loving home and she touched her family with love.

love cat angel


Mariodacat said...

What a heart melting story. Bless Morris cat's grandma for giving
ChiChi such a loving home for the last year of her life. So very sorry she had to cross the bridge.

Morris said...

Thank you Pearl for writing such a lovely post about Miss Chi Chi. We all miss her lots, especially granny. Our one consolation is that the vet said she wouldn't have been in a lot of pain before she passed.

Laura said...

I'm sorry that Chi Chi made her journey to the bridge, but glad she was loved. She will be a beautiful guardian angel to her family!

Jazzy said...

What a sweet story and she obviously had a wonderful last year of life in a forever home surrounded by love and kindness.

Aunty Chi Chi - another bright star in the night sky.

LUL Jazzydacat XXXX