Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Missing Tazzy 21 yrs old By Morris Cat

Written by My dear @MorrisCat through his eyes about Tazzy who recently passed at age 21.

Tazzie - she was a tiny dark tortie girl who lived for cuddles. She slept curled round Auntie P's head, even though Uncle G is allergic to cats - he just got used to taking an antihistamine pill every day because he loved her so much :) She was adopted when she was about 10 years old - I still lived with Auntie P then. Tazzie got the inside of the house and I stayed outside most of the time - we didn't get on very well and I bullied her a bit. When I came to live with NJ & Mr L, Tazzie and I both blossomed! She got a new lease of life and I rediscovered the joys of snuggling ;)

We met again a couple of years ago, when we'd both been to the V-E-T and Auntie P came back to NJ's for a coffee. Tazzie hissed and swiped at me, chased me outside, ate my food, and then went upstairs and fell asleep on NJ & Mr L's bed! She got her revenge on me, MOL!

Her favourite toy was called Snakey - it was a stick with a piece of bright green fur attached to a string. She used to fight with it, then drag it to Auntie P & Uncle G to show off her "kill", hee! A couple of years ago, NJ commissioned @orangecatblues's primate to make an animini of Tazzie holding Snakey - Auntie P loved it :) Tazzie is still playing with Snakey at RB now - G&P buried them both in their garden.

She was very feisty when she wanted to be - she didn't approve of dogs visiting the house, and this 5 pound elderly cat had a husky and a labrador slinking round the edge of the living room hoping that she didn't spot them!

Despite that, she was the friendliest cat when it came to humans. Everyone who sat down was a potential cat bed - she'd even roll over for tummy tickles when workmen came to the house!

She'll be very much missed by the whole family, but I'm sure she's dragging Snakey round RB to show off her hunting skills ;)

With much love,
Morris xxxxx


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Can Lucy, 39, really be the oldest cat in the world? UK News

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 12:03 PM on 5th January 2011

A family has discovered their cat is the oldest in the world after reaching its 39th birthday.
Pet Lucy was born way back in 1972 when Ted Heath was Prime Minister and petrol was 33p a gallon.

Cat experts say she has clocked up the equivalent of 172 human years - and cats live to be about 15 on average which means Lucy has more than doubled her life expectancy.

Lucy is still fit as a fiddle - and catches mice in the garden. Owner Bill Thomas, 63, inherited Lucy when his wife's Godmother Maria Lewis died in 1999.........

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