Saturday, June 11, 2011

Senior Dogs are Cool too! Senior Dog Rescue

Ya, this is a cat blog, but senior pups are cool too.

Just a word about the great things one can achieve with the use of twitter.

I have a ton of wonderful friends on Twitter that are in a group called, Anipals. Together online parties are put together to raise money for animal charities. Sometimes we are able to meet in person and share the gathering in what is called a "Tweet-up".

This is late notice but today a group of my friends get to meet in St. Louis to help raise money for a Senior Dog Rescue. Here is the blog, called Senior Dogs Rock!

Details: For those of our friends that can't make it to our fundraiser our twitter pals @MoxieDaDoxie and @MaggieTKat will be pawtying online on twitter from 5pm to 8pm EDT.
You can also follow the St. Louis Senior Dog Project on twitter at @STLSeniorDog.
Make sure you follow #seniordogs hashtag

Photo by @MaggieTKat of Twitter

@MaggieTkat (sewing extrordinare) Often makes amazing quilts and other things for animal charities, like this charity and the Japan Quake effort.

I love to see old Golden Retrievers with the white around the eyes. So full of love, wisdom and loyalty. Its sad to see them needing homes, but it happens sometimes. One day we went to an estate sale. There in the back was an old retriever, now with out a home because both his elderly humans had passed. he was a lucky dog that day and a guy took him home.

A cool video of old retrievers, by

Not only are old Retrievers cool, so are the other breeds and mutts. If you have a space please rescue one, they always appreciate it with love. They do often require more vet care though. If you cant take one in, please donate to those who can help or take some dog toys to your local shelter.

Thank you