Friday, January 28, 2011


One of my newest Twitter friends @IamTammycat.
A beautiful senior lady :)

Marblecake and Jemna

A pic of Santina as a kitten with Jemna

A couple of the first cats I met on twitter, @MarblecakeJemna. Senior kitties and their mom. Later she got a kitten @Santinakitteh that keeps us all entertained with her fun pics and videos.

I meant to put this up a month ago, because I realized I had not got pics up of Jemna and Marblecake yet. unless I did it a long while back. But now it could almost be too late so I will do a quick post of pics and video.

Jemna at age 17, is not feeling well today so everyone is showing support right now at #Jemnasporch.

Marblecake. Love her name!