Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Senior Cat stays at Business

This beautiful old lady is Zoe.

She stays at a blind cleaning business in WA state. She wasn't doing so well at home, pooping everywhere and getting thin. So the boss decided to keep her at his business. She is doing quite well, has her own bed and watches over the place. Her Pa has started to put some catnip in the litter and that is encouraging her to poo in the litter box.

She has been such a great energy added to the place, that when she does pass, they are considering adopting another senior kitty.

A senior cat is great for a business because they are wise and low key. They wont tear up everything or run off like a kitten would.

Please consider a senior kitty for your business.


Zoe got shaved as she couldn't keep up with her long fur anymore. She patrols the store and visits everyone. Her owner found she uses the litter box more if he puts catnip in it.  Her kids from home made her a poster as you can see in the pic.

When I took this pic our small pup came in with us also and cleaned here ears a little. He is very cat friendly.


Mariodacat said...

Now that makes a world of common sense. And I think people love having a cat in a store they walk into. I have always loved it.

TinyPearlCat said...

Ya it does Mario! Known to reduce stress for the workers too.